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TP9-US B&T  Sound Suppressor(NIB/UNFIRED) (Transferable to Civilians)

Made in U.S. under License from Brugger & Thomet (Switzerland), VERY VERY QUIET!!!



(In stock and ready to transfer)



Sound Suppressed Ruger 10/22 Heavy Barrel Stainless Steel

The only thing you will hear is the firing pin and the bullet hitting the target, VERY QUIET!! with subsonic ammo.

 NIB, with all factory accessories, also comes with 3 hi cap magazines, a cool 50 rounds drum and a Tasco 3-8 X 40 Scope.



(In stock and ready to transfer)

Beretta 87T and silencer packages  (NIB) (Transferable to Civilians)

This is the perfect set up, the best pistol in 22.Cal (feels like a 1911), threaded barrel, thread protector

and a hi performance low profile silencer, You can fire it on your garage with closed doors and no ear

 protection needed. This is NOT a cheap set up but a hi performance package at low price.

87 Target. 
The new 87 Target is a .22LR single-action pistol designed for practical shooting and training. The 6” (150 mm) long barrel is covered by a lightweight alloy sleeve that accepts optical sighting systems (Weaver interface). The sights are adjustable, and the magazine features a sturdy rubber pad. Standard grips are plastic, however walnut grips are available on request. Trigger pull is very light and crisp. The pistol is designed to remain upright when when set down on a flat surface, ready to be quickly gripped, magazine loaded an raised to the target (.22LR Practical Shooting).


87 Target.
The Weaver interface accepts
optical sighting system









Model Cat Code Action Sights Grips Caliber Total Length
Barrel Length
Weight Unloaded
87 Target J87T010 Single Target Plastic 22 LR 8.8 5.9 10





                                            Double Click thumbnails for larger image




$1,475.00(in stock)





NEW P90 or PS90 SBR  Gemtech Sound Suppressor Available for this Weapon!!

(NIB/UNFIRED) (Transferable to Civilians)

FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon is only complete with this Sound Suppressor. Bi-lock system, one hand mounted.

All Stainless Steel made and it's rated for full auto fire, meets and exceed Military specifications.






HK UMP Submachine Gun  Sound Suppressor

Those units are NEW and UNFIRED, very hard to find from H&K!


This is a post sample and will transfer to Govt. Ag. or PD as well C3 dealers with PD letter. 

(In stock and ready to transfer)



Gemtech MOSSAD Sound Suppressor (Transferable to Civilians)

The MOSSAD is made exclusively for the full size UZI SMG with a superb sound suppression and yet a small/light can, very easy to maintain.


(In stock and ready to transfer)



More Sound Suppressors to be posted!

Just e-mail me for your needs!






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