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UMP and USC  HDPS Barrels



Those are the HDPS CORP production UMP and USC Barrels made with the cutting edge CNC machinery that will be available for sale in a few weeks. I got some samples for test fire and they work 100%.

You can find reproduction barrels for the UMP and USC in two places only, BUT you will find the exact specs of the originals German made only here. Just compare the UMP barrel. Our barrel is an exact reproduction with all German specs. not a  low profile barrel.

Also, our USC barrels have the same design of the UMP barrel by the chamber face allowing :

1- The use of a 16" barrel in the UMP, so PD's and Govt. Agencies that always wanted a little more speed and accuracy on their  UMP's, now have a choice for a quick barrel swap.

2- Will accommodate the enhanced USC bolt for those that want to be able to load your converted Carbine in silent mode.

Important - Third Version of Barrel "USMP"

This is the special USC 16" barrels made WITH the UMP quick attachment tip on them, so you guys will be able to attach the UMP flash suppressor or a sound suppressor.

Barrels are dark Gray in color like the Original German barrels (if you want in black, just ask )

HDPS UMP Flanged barrel 7.87" in Stainless Steel in Black only- $265 (IN STOCK) 




UMP HDPS 7.87" Barrel $285  (IN STOCK)  Stainless Steel  HK UMP or SBR USC Threaded M16X1 LH barrel

Hk NEW German USC barrel on 7.87" threaded 16X1 RH or LH - $ 495 (IN STOCK)



HK USC .45 cal ORIGINAL  GERMAN HK 16" barrel (NEW UNFIRED- take off from my  own SBR's)

Is a take off from NIB Carbine, 100% new, cannot be imported or sold separated by HK, hard to find item for replacement or custom work, you chance to buy it now. Will cut and thread for your SBR and Sound Suppressor e-mail for more information.

$455.00 (IN STOCK)

$385.00 (used)


USC  HDPS 16" Barrel  $300 (IN STOCK)




UMP HDPS barrel test fire at 25 yards, fired 7 rounds only so would not destroy the target  and you can see the hits...and I did not really put much effort, stand up position, no sling.


Buyer be aware...B&T products for the UMP (flash suppressor and folding stocks) are not uniform in specifications, parts vary greatly....some flash suppressors work just fine and some others require some work  and fitting.

 I have tested 5 of those suppressors in an OEM German UMP barrel, 3 fail to slide in and lock without requiring fitting.

We have plans to offer our HDPS Phanton Flash Suppressor soon! It will cost way less.





Barrel Work for HK USC



Include, cut, change profile, blind pin/weld flash suppressor, flash suppressor and refinish.




Barrel Work for HK SL8-1




Include Removal and installation of barrel, cut, change profile, threaded 1/2 X 28 tpi and refinish-


Add $35 to permanently attach a flash suppressor, blind pin and weld.


Barrel Work for FN PS90




1 - Include Removal and installation of short barrel -$25  (just cutting barrel and sleeve)

2 - Include Removal and installation of short barrel -$95  (saving barrel, sleeve and pin)*

* Note - We will try to save your barrel, sometimes for some reason some barrels will not turn even after the pin is out (lock thread used at factory or else) in the event we cannot save your barrel we will cut it and you will be charged only $25. Was noticed the brand new PS90 with un-shot barrels will turn easily out.


Barrel Work for AR-15/M16's

Change Profile - POR

Thread Barrel - POR

Weld long flash suppressor - POR

Any Custom work - POR


Several brand names are cited on this site like COLT, SIG, H&K, UZI, FN, those are registered trademarks of those brand names, and are used here as a reference to the genuine COLT, SIG, H&K, UZI parts that HDPS CORP sells, or because HDPS CORP offer services on COLT, SIG, H&K, UZI weapons. Is to be clear that HDPS CORP is not affiliated with COLT, SIG, H&K, UZI, FN in any other way.






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